Social Media Page Creation

Getting you up and running on social media platforms where the majority of your target customers are. From Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to the relevant online business directories.

Social Media Management

Managing all of your social media profiles - posting regular, engaging content and building relationships with people online to create a community around your brand to increase your following.

Blog Post Writing

Creating well-researched and engaging blog posts up to 800 words that are optimised to ensure higher search engine rankings and increase your website traffic. Written in the tone-of-voice suited to your business, your values and your customers.

Article Writing

Writing educational, informative  and evergreen articles on a variety of topics that are 800+ words - suited for websites, blogs, key influencers or bigger organisations.

Website Design

Using Wix's dynamic software to create a visually-appealing website that suits your business' products, services and will drastically improve your business' visibility online.

Website Copy and Content

Aiding exisiting website owners to create informing and relevant content that is search engine optimised and will lead to higher rankings, more conversions and better online visibility.

Social Media Updates

Producing an agreed quantity of social media posts that are suitable for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that will improve your social reach, get engagement from a wider range of people and increase your website traffic.

Promotional Material

Producing colourful and eye-catching promotional materials such as posters, online brochures, infographics and E-Newsletters. Suitable for anyone business wishing to market their product, service or event.

Email Marketing

Working with MailChimp services to start and develop your Email suscribers and create regular E-Newsletters that will increase your conversion rates.