Elizabeth Thorp, also known as Lizzie Thorp, is a London based Digital Marketing and Content Writing expert. She has over five years' experience in digital marketing, inbound marketing, sales and content creation and also has extensive experience working with a large variety of clients in different industries.

Digital Marketer and Content Writer

After starting out her career in sales, Elizabeth decided to start specialising in helping small to medium businesses and organisations with their digital marketing efforts - in particular businesses that are in their start-up phase.


She advises businesses on digital marketing practices as well as offering a range of services such as website design, social media management and content creation services.

She has an invaluable balance of creativity, analytical skills and technical knowledge  that helps businesses to achieve their goals through knowledge of their target customers, identifying trends and applying up-to-date techniques to various digital strategies. She is praised by her clients for her down-to-earth and honest approach when dealing with a diverse range of business goals in the digital world.

57% of the world's population are regular internet users

52% of the world's population are regular mobile internet users

42% of the world's population are active social media users

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